Naxos Island is one of the best holiday destinations among the Greek Islands, and its many attractions include excellent sandy beaches, unique beauty, variety of landscape, numerous historical places, beautiful walking wander routes, tradition that has been preserved in many villages.

It has some of the very best beaches in Greece and a beautiful scenery of fertile valleys, mountains, villages in mainland.

Naxos goes 3000 years back. The Portara, a massive 2,500 year old marble doorway, is one of the remains of the past glory. It is the entrance to an unfinished temple that faces directly toward Delos, Apollo’s birthplace. The temple construction begun about 530 BC by the tyrant Lygdamis, who wanted to make Naxos’s buildings the highest and most glorious in Greece.

The passing of the Venetians through Naxos left ineffaceably its mark on the cultural, religious and social life of the island. Part of the cultural heritage is revealed today through its fabulous architecture that the Venetians applied to castles and towers found scattered throughout the island. Among them, the Venetian Castle in Naxos Town stands out.

Naxos offers a wide range of activities. The island is the paradise for wind surfers and water sports. It is also one of the best islands for walking tours.

The island is a wonderful place to explore on foot and many old paths between villages, churches and other sights still survive, making walking a major draw.

Action in Naxos
Wind surfing, kite surfing, water sports (jetski, waterski, tubes, banana, sailing, beach volley, pendaloes, canoe, etc ), diving, cruising, walkking, hiking, horse riding, mountain biking will give you energy, keep you in action and recharge your batteries.

Getting to Naxos by sea
There are plenty connections to Naxos Island from Piraeus Port (Athens) and to the neighbour islands. Journey time from Piraeus is 3.5 hours with catamaran and 5.5 hours with ferry. Nearest ports are Paros and Mykonos, 30 min – 1 hours & 40 min – 1.5 hours respectively, depending on vessel type.

Getting to Naxos by air
Olympic Airways flights from / to Naxos. Journey time from Athens International Airport is only 30 minutes. Getting to Naxos via Santorini or Mykonos international airports and then ferry cross to Naxos Island (1.5 – 2 hours, 40 min-1.5 hours respectively depending on vessel type) is also possible.